My Resolutions

*Improve my Vital Stats
*Rediscover Him
*Improve Relations
*Be Meticulous
*Communicate Well
*Be a great Motivator-Mentor

Next Upcoming Race...

Newton Run

10 October 2010


30km run

2011 Resolutions!

Its been so long since i last posted. Been enjoying journaling more cos it's just more direct and i need no computer nor connection.

This blog had been about resolution and guess what? It fell flat on me last year.

How about this year then? This year, i will try to keep it simple and easy.

1. Efficiency at work.
- Sleep early
- No hanging projects (just 1 big project to undertake)
- Take it easy
- Enjoy the process and not rush
- Be able to have more of my own time and not get sucked in to mother the kids

2. Slim down.
- I say this every year but i need this to happen for the sake of my own health. I don't want to be part of the statistic

3. Improve my guitar playing and photography (hobbies)
- Set down my goals and KPIs to show improvements and make it tangible

Lets pray i achieve these.

May Allah guide us all..bless us with happiness and health n protect us from the dangers of this world, physically or mentally. Help us become successful people in the world and after...